new DJ EDGAR mix online!

zerzero-161thanks to the nice guys at MAN RECORDINGS, we can enjoy this slice of überfunk from the worlds greatest BAILE FUNK dj – DJ EDGAR!


Na Europa é assim ohh (Mr Jack feat. DJ Edgar)
Push it (Salt-n-Pepa feat. DJ Edgar)
Funknotronic (Technotronic feat. DJ Edgar)
Funk com Kuduro (Buraka Som Sistema & Pongo Love feat. DJ Edgar)
Funk com Reggaeton (Don Omar feat. DJ Edgar)
Everybody Dance’Funk’now (C&C Music Factory feat. DJ Edgar)
Boogie Down Beat (Earth, Wind and Fire feat. DJ Edgar)
MSN (DJ Edgar)
Money 4 nothing (DJ Gordura)
Out of Space (Max Romeo and The Upsetters feat. DJ Edgar)
We don’t play (MC Shy-D feat. DJ Edgar)
Made in Brazil (Mr Jack feat. DJ Edgar)
Samuel vs Mister Doubalina (Del Tha Funkee Homosapien feat. DJ Edgar)
DNA (Feat. MC Gi feat. DJ Edgar)
Sax Survive (DJ Edgar)
Back To (DJ Edgar)
Ser amante (BomBom feat. DJ Edgar)
Hello Moto (DJ Edgar)
Solta esse ponto (DJ Edgar)
Fogo no Put… (DJ Edgar)
Pianinho Mix (DJ Edgar)
Miss Fatty-Funk (Million Stylez feat. DJ Edgar)


2 Responses to new DJ EDGAR mix online!

  1. frankie fresh says:

    show me new music 2009 not old 2008 thank u i buy

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