BEACH BOYS remix… dangerous ground!

brianI’m a big BEACH BOYS fan, there! I said it. I’m not so much into the early surf phase, although I love the track “I Get Around”, but I’m deeply into the lush sounds and mastermind arrangements of Pet Sounds & beyond. So, In my ‘lil book, you better be careful when fucking with BEACH BOYS tracks..

Anyway, a while ago, avant-hiphop-head BULLION made an album with BEACH BOYS vs JAY DILLA mashups. I DL’d it, but wasnt very impressed. Great effort was put into it, but too little of the originals were recognisable, both on the BEACH BOYS and JAY DILLA end. There were a couple of real gems on there though. And this one just popped into my player while reading some stuff online:



2 Responses to BEACH BOYS remix… dangerous ground!

  1. audiopoverty says:

    yo this ain’t bad either:
    i whish they all could be crunky vibration versions!

  2. generationbass says:

    thanks for that link man! pure GEMS there! 🙂

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