FREE at last, free at last!

dolldollaThis week the entire catalog of local boyz VIRGIN FANG will become freely downloadable online. Their first 3 releases + the 4 new ones they had coming up. They have also announced that all releases in the future will be digital & free. The first 12″ are still for sale, but from here on, everything will be free, high quality mp3 & .ogg – I like that.

I feel the music industry is clutching at straws, they are too old and too slow to respond by the changes being made in digital culture all around the globe. V/VM already proved that point  and in North Brasil, TECNO BREGA is also finding new ways to deal with this issue. Netlabels are nothing new of course, but I think within a few years there will be a major shift in the industry. Monolithic multinationals are no longer able to control the market and no longer able to push their artists to the people, because the pathways in which people find the music they like have changed. Give it up. Nobody wants to pay 0.99 for a mp3…

I will also donate my entire backcatalogue to VIRGIN FANG. A lot of it is already online at ARCHIVE.ORG and now the rest of it will follow. This is not about a business. This is about love for music and about wanting to share an experience to people who might possibly be interested. WHO GOT NEXT??




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