from the amigos at ZZK:

El Remolón throws out some surprising new tracks in the B-Side of his album Pibe Cosmo, all while keeping his mashup spirit strong.

Even though the influences in Pibe Cosmo are quite clear, the B-Side shows where these sounds came from and where they are going. Since when has the link between Animal Collective and cumbia existed? Between Alcides and the new post-dubstep generation?

The remixes and mashups from the B-Side of Pibe Cosmo will be available to download for free from ZZK Records… for now, just a preview.

Matias Aguayo – Minimal (El Remolón Remix)

El Remolón – Veridis Quo (Daft Punk reprise) vs De La Soul

Animal Collective – My Girls (El Remolón Cumbia Mix)

Alcides – Violeta (El Remolón Remix)


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