sonidobestialCheck out this cut by RICARDO RAY & BOBBY CRUZ. What a nice lush 70’s latin sound, drenched in reverb…

Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz – Volver

“In 1971, they released “El Bestial Sonido de Ricardo Ray y Bobby Cruz”, the first ever release on Vaya Records, and was one of their better albums on that label. The album went gold, and it took them to the top of the charts once again. It included hits such as Joan Manuel Serrat‘s “Señora”, the bolero version of the Gardel/Lepera tango “Volver”, and the Rubén Blades composition “Guaguancó Triste”, as well as the salsa version of James Taylor‘s “Fire And Rain”. This album also included his most impressive and well-known hit called “Sonido Bestial”, which has a latin flavoured arrangement of Chopin‘s Etude 10/12, and is considered a classic masterpiece of salsa music…”

Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz – Sonido Bestial


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