(image by Nidal ElKhairy, also of RAMALLAH UNDERGROUND)

Ramallah Underground, based in Ramallah, Palestine, was born from the immediacy of musical experimentation and the need to give voice to a generation of Palestinians and Arabs who face a turbulent and uncertain political landscape.

The collective was founded by artists Boikutt, Stormtrap, and Aswatt and has always held a commitment to both the honesty of their work and the need to creatively rejuvenate Arabic culture. To this end they combine music ranging from Arabic electronic music , hip-hop, trip hop to downtempo with a deep sense of their local culture and imposing presence of Palestine in their lives. The outcome is a new specific sound, which has never been heard before…

Lot of really good music RIGHT HERE

Check out this blazing track: RAMALLAH UNDERGROUND – 970


3 Responses to GREAT RAP from PALESTINE!!

  1. dj umb says:

    Hey I know these guys :-))

    I did a gig with them on the same bill in Egypt about 2 years ago…:-))

  2. top hip hop beats…

    I really like Sabrina. Her and her partner got ragged on for too much hip- hop in their cha- cha last night yet they still walked away with the highest scores of the evening. Sabrina is one of the Cheetah Girls. I’ve never watched that show(?) but I’…

  3. Ashburn says:

    Sweet! I feel like I just dug up gold 😉

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