needyouYes, as you have noticed, the daily amounts of posts on this blog is bordering on the ridiculous… I need some help, because I want to keep it going like this. I need a second blogger who understands what GB is about. in the next months I’ve got a lotta shows coming up, and I want to keep it fresh for ya. on a daily basis!

If this is something you’d be interested in, get in touch with me: generationbass@gmail.com and we’ll see if this could work out? You have to be interested in all the stuf we post here and write lil posts in english. not too hard right??? 🙂 oohh. and just to be clear, you know, for the really dense, this is all HOBBY and not a paid job!



  1. […] all this attention is creating a lot of work for Vince, so HE IS LOOKING FOR A HELPING HAND The person willing to aid Vince in his quest to bring non-western dance music to the Netherlands […]

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