ADDIQUIT!….San Diego’s answer to M.I.A ?

ADDIQUIT has been described as “San Diego’s answer to M.I.A” but I think that’s an unfair assessment of this Gal’s raw talent as she is in a world of her own.

“Bethany” as she is known to her friends, is someone I’ve been following and in touch with since early 2008 and I have watched her progress and nurture her sound, aided and abetted by MACHINEDRUM.

In fact I included one of her tracks ‘KILLA’, which she kindly sent to me, in my Live BBC Mix (which you can DWLD) last November 2008.

Here’s what the PRESS are saying about her:

“Her flow wraps itself around in-your-face electro beats like a tease…the girl unleashes some seriously tight syntax that sounds entirely unscripted.”

“Addiquit’s combination of rapid-fire, feisty cadence and airy voice make her an anomaly in the Hip-Hop scene.”

“Her skills have developed enough to earn props in the blogosphere and nominations for San Diego Music Awards for Best Hip-Hop in 2007 and 2008.”

“More electro than hip-hop, Addiquit is living proof that underground rappers aren’t just a myth…she raps over thick electro beats with all the vigour and finesse of Lil’ Kim or Lauryn Hill.”

Her debut album will drop this summer and we at GENERATION BASS just cannot wait.  We will bring you some updates on that before it drops including some downloads of her earlier works.  So keep your eyes peeled for this.



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