You know we don’t mind reposts especially if it’s A KILLA TRACK.  Plus sometimes it’s not always about being one of the first to spread the word about a NEW & EXCITING ACT but also about giving them as much PUBLIC EXPOSURE as one possibly can as ‘one’ usually says in the Queen’s finest English.  (After all ‘ONE’ (not me, the other one) has been given the ROYAL SEAL OF APPROVAL….haa.haaaa).

THE FADER, MAD DECENT & AUDIOPORN CENTRAL have already posted this BUT we just had to too cause it’s just so FUCKIN’ SPECIAL (in a Thom Yorke kinda way)!

Saying all of that, there’s a hint of SANTOGOLD about it BUT it’s also worth mentioning that DE TROPIX consist of a duo, one of whom was responsible for not only signing M.I.A to XL but also supporting her on live shows across the world as a vocalist…….

…AND SO perhaps we’ve got it wrong and it’s the other way around then, maybe SANTOGOLD was influenced by DE TROPIX!.

Man this is going to be HOT!….GRAB IT HERE

For more info on DE TROPIX see their MY SPACE


3 Responses to BRAP…BRAP…BRAP…..DE TROPIX!

  1. miss risk says:

    I second that! De Tropix rock!

  2. DEX says:

    This is a bloody big tune!!!!! thanks for the heads up, DE TROPIX ARE B.I.G

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