Y’all know where it’s at right! …GENERATION BASS!…BABY!

And y’all know that we love our BASSSSSSS……but also that we’re more than just BASSSHEADDDZZZ!!!!

That we’re into quite diverse genres of music, as long as it sounds ‘FUCKIN’ COOL’! AND GETS US EXCITED….Then we’ll show it some luuuurve…:-)

So here’s some REMIX RARITIES of this GENIUS whose portfolio of work occupies a very important and elite position within my ESSENTIAL LIST, alongside LED ZEPPELIN and some others!

I must confess, I was really, really PISSED, when I heard that N.A.S.A had done a collaboration with this amazing man.  To be truthful I wanted to be one of the first dj’s to do that…..Oh well, such is life hey, GET OVER IT MATE (I’m saying to myself) 🙂

So man if you’re into TOM WAITS then I have some RARE REMIXES for you, a couple of real BOMBS!

Firstly, there a remix or a stand off between:

Gza Vs Tom Waits_ Round 3 by The Optomist

Secondly, man, can you believe it M.I.A & BLAQSTARR also got there before ME!!!!….with a remix of Way Down In The Hole

Thirdly, not a remix, but for you Brazilian music fans, I have a BRAZILIAN TOM WAITS cover of the classic ‘Rain Dogs’……….Eu E Meu Cachorro Louco

Man u lot are ROTTEN to the CORE…Man, you’re getting ‘some’ of my very rare music!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m always looking at the BIGGER PICTURE and that is to spread the love about TOM WAITS, the more people who DIG, the better the world might be!




  1. rajah says:

    I am a bass addict and I love TW.
    Led Zeppelin and Tom Waits IS bass music!
    they are on my top essentials along with all the stuff you usually post. Cool to see that the “other” music you dig also falls into my essential category.

    Thanks for sharing these tunes. When I saw that Blaqstarr and M.I.A. did a remix of TW, I lost it. but after listening, I think this track will have to grow on me.

    The GZA/Tom Waits track and the Brasilian Rain Dogs however will go into my top crates for life. I have always been a sucker for the accordian intro on the OG Raindog track and Carlos Careqa does it justice. You’ll enjoy the Swordfishtrombone loop/beat on my East of the River Dolores Mix from last year.

  2. djumb says:

    Hey mate….great to know peeps like some of the other stuff too….at the end of the day it’s all about GREAT MUSIC…

    Yeah, I hear you about the MIA remix, it is a little weak, agree with you…but man his originals are so difficult to top :-0)

    Will post some more of the WAITS remixes and covers every now and then..

    Will check out your mix..

  3. […] Bass had a post last week with the words Tom Waits at the top.  So that had to be checked, and good thing too, two remixes of Mr. Waits (featuring M.I.A., […]

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