TANGOMan, if you know about some of my (DJ UMB’s) commercial compilation releases, you’ll know I’m a bit of a Electro-Tango Head!  I have covered most of the Tango genre with the 3 compilation releases I’ve done on the stuff!

I’m just waiting for some Tango Ghettotech and Dubstep Tango to start coming through……anyday soon I think!…If you’ve already heard of any let me know man!

I’ve heard one, which will go on my EXCLUSIVE GENERATION BASS FAIRTILIZER mix that I will be doing very soon.  Vince will be doing the other one, so we’ll let you know when they’re ready 🙂

For the moment, you can download the FULL ALBUMS of one of the leading Electro-Tango hipsters, BAJOFONDO TANGO CLUB from this blog I discovered the other day called LA MUSIQUE.

🙂 I’d suggest you purchase the Original albums too as they are great to add to your collections with great artwork etc.

AND while you’re diggin’ the TANGO VYBZ…..WATCH SOME VID TOO!



  1. Juan Potente says:

    I am sending you a link where you can see a Tanghetto show filmed by

    have a nice day and enjoy!!!

    Aqui te paso los links de Terra Tanghetto para que los pases y puedas ver el
    show de Tanghetto por la web!!!!!!


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