wild_party_girlsIt seems like just a few weeks ago that we hit 50.000 visitors, but now we are already at the 100.000 visitors mark…. I don’t even know what to say man. THANK U GUYS!!!! both from me & UMB, who has become a sturdy and great factor in the blog real soon.

I dont know what kind of prize I should hand out to the 100.000th visitor, suggestions are welkom! leave comments on posts ok, we expect Mr. or Miss/Ms or Mrs 100.000 to drop by either tonight or tomorrow. AWESOME!


6 Responses to WE WILL HIT 100.000 WITHIN 2 DAYS!!!

  1. generationbass says:

    thanks man!

    • djumb says:

      Big props 2 u bro’, Vince!

      Here’s to our 1 MILLIONth VISITOR by the end of the year I hope 🙂


  2. DJ ADIKSHUN says:

    I’ve only known of this site for about 6 weeks and it has quickly become one of my favorites!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  3. Man…this is going to be exponential!!! congrats, the 100 000 is just a reflection of the effort and love u both put in to it!, give us a Milli a Milli-on visits!! hugs as usual buddys!

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