mr. 100.000 – LEAVE A COMMENT!

abillet610aHey guys, we are expecting MR. 100.000 to drop by today, MAKE SURE U LEAVE COMMENTS, otherwise it’s gonna be difficult to see who it is… You’ll be getting a DVD filled with all the tracks on the blog + a DVD filled with more obscure CUMBIA, KUDURO, DUBSTEP & BAILE FUNK gems… so if you are here for freebies, this is like the motherload!!


4 Responses to mr. 100.000 – LEAVE A COMMENT!

  1. Riddim Kommander says:

    great fan of your Blog, keep up the good work!

  2. joost says:

    Great to hear, homie!

  3. Lowdjo says:

    Congratz! Keep on sharing!!

  4. a dvd with CUMBIA, KUDURO, DUBSTEP & BAILE FUNK? w00t! a must have!

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