March 23, 2009

tecnobrega1But it’s all .WMA files… which is kinda shitty for laptop dj’s like myself. But good for anyone ou there who has a PC with Windows on it (that’s about 98% of you..) Anyway, this is all copyright free so you can do whatever you want with it. Remix, mix and all that good stuff! you know it’s THE NEW STYLE!



FREE at last, free at last!

March 15, 2009

dolldollaThis week the entire catalog of local boyz VIRGIN FANG will become freely downloadable online. Their first 3 releases + the 4 new ones they had coming up. They have also announced that all releases in the future will be digital & free. The first 12″ are still for sale, but from here on, everything will be free, high quality mp3 & .ogg – I like that.

I feel the music industry is clutching at straws, they are too old and too slow to respond by the changes being made in digital culture all around the globe. V/VM already proved that point  and in North Brasil, TECNO BREGA is also finding new ways to deal with this issue. Netlabels are nothing new of course, but I think within a few years there will be a major shift in the industry. Monolithic multinationals are no longer able to control the market and no longer able to push their artists to the people, because the pathways in which people find the music they like have changed. Give it up. Nobody wants to pay 0.99 for a mp3…

I will also donate my entire backcatalogue to VIRGIN FANG. A lot of it is already online at ARCHIVE.ORG and now the rest of it will follow. This is not about a business. This is about love for music and about wanting to share an experience to people who might possibly be interested. WHO GOT NEXT??



another TECNO BREGA banger!

March 3, 2009

26_tecnobregacheck this shit out, truly crazy combi of house synths, brega beats and a very nice tropical feel!

Maderito & Joe – Passageiros Da Nave Melody


March 2, 2009

Brazil TecnobregaAmong the sh*tload of  TECNO BREGA  I have been downloading lately, there is some great music and a lot of really bad crooning stuff. Here are a couple of gems that I’v found for you coming from the same artist, MADERITO & JOE. Cheesy Synths GALORE!

Maderito & Joe – Eletro Blue Melody

Maderito & Joe – Eletro Meteoro Melody

Maderito & Joe – Nazo Som Melody

and… some TECNO BREGA tracks!

February 27, 2009

soundsystem_car_brazilFinally been able to find some of this illustrious TECNO BREGA stuff, check out these cuts that sound like they were made some years ago, but with an added dose of northern BRASILIAN funk!

DJ EDIELSON – melody eletro da radio


and TECNO BREGA mix!

February 26, 2009

tecnobregathanks to the kind souls at SOUNDSGOOD, here’s some music to go along with the last 2 posts about this thang called TECNO BREGA. Somewhere inbetween CUMBIA, REGGAETON and BREGAPOP:


Tracklist – no warranty for correct names 😉

01. Jurandir & DJ Cristiano – Super Pop 2 Remíx (Melody) Take 22
02. DJ Maluquinho – Melody Safadinha Do Comércio
03. Os Mascarados – Fura Olho Da Pedreira
04. DJ Betinho & Banda 007 – A Festa Do Poderoso Rubi
05. Maderito & Joe – Viller
06. DJ Moisés – O Robô Do DJ André
07. Banda Eletro Melody – Eletro EQ Mega PEK
08. Banda Eletro Melody – Eletro Dj’s Ewerton, Hilton & Pena
09. Maderito & Joe – Eletro Melody Equipe Super Panico
10. Maderito & Joe – Eletro Meteoro
11. DJ Anderson Melo – Robô A Volta
12. Banda 007 – Melody Do Rubi
13. Unknown Artist – Unknown Title
14. Marlon Branco – Safadinha $

about this mix,  from SOUNDSGOOD:

The music style Tecno Brega from Brazil’s north was brought to a wider and international audience through the documentary God Copy Bad Copy for it’s Open Music Business Model. Inspired by this movie and posts on Wayne and Wax and Overmundo about the sub-genre Eletro Melody I was looking for Tecno Brega/Eletro Melody CDs on a local market in Manaus during a recent trip, even if the sound is originally from Belém, the capital of Pará state. I found as well a bunch of MP3s on the internet and decided to make a short mixtape. Most of the stuff I found is pretty cheesy Pop (”Brega”) for my taste, but I think some tracks are interesting, especially the more Reggaeton oriented ones.

and more on TECNO BREGA

February 26, 2009

by David Bollier: I just returned from the biannual “Wizards of OS” conference in Berlin, Germany, a fantastic gathering of software programmers, activists, artists and policy wonks concerned about free culture and democracy. You can check out many of the panels and speeches here, but I also plan to blog this week about some of the provocative people and things that I encountered in Berlin. One of the most intriguing stories I heard involves the power of the commons in revitalizing music in Brazil. In this large developing nation, the mainstream recording industry is troubled.

Sony BMG, the largest multinational label in Brazil, recently announced plans to cut about 15 artists from its roster of 52. Another major record label has actually offered to produce and market bands if the bands pay the label the equivalent of $15,000! Perhaps you can sense the industry’s economic desperation and artistic cluelessness. While conventional market players struggle, a number of grassroots genres of music are flourishing despite an absolute lack of copyright protection. A case in point is tecno-brega (spelled without the “h” in “techno”), “a romantic, cheesy sound with a techno-beat and electronica sound,” according to Ronaldo Lemos, the head of the Creative Commons in Brazil. The music is hugely popular in outlying regions of Brazil, such as Belem, a city in the northeast state of Pará.

more HERE

and 2 vids on YOUTUBE, HERE and HERE